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5 Ways to Pamper and Prettify Your Pooch

If you’re like me, your pets are part of the family. They love us, and depend on us for food, shelter and grooming. After all, they can’t head to the beauty salon (though they probably would if they could!).

OmegaPet makes it easy for dog owners to pamper their pets. Whether your pride and joy is a German Shepherd or a Chihuahua, you can trust OmegaPet products. Don’t take my word for it, take Amazon’s. Amazon has recognized every OmegaPet product with either a Best Seller or #1 New Release badge. Demand for OmegaPet products is so high that they’ve expanded into the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.

The most reliable information about any product comes from actual users. Here are some tips and insights from OmegaPet customers who’ve used and loved their products.

Nail Trimming

One of my most stressful dog grooming tasks is nail clipping. Without the right clippers, you run the risk of cutting too far down, nicking a blood vessel and causing your pooch to bleed (I’ve done this, and it’s heart-wrenching!). OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers have a safety guard to prevent overcutting. For best results, use the guard as a guide and clip a bit at a time so you don’t push too much nail into the clipper. Use the built-in nail file as a final smoothing step, and voilà! Trim nails and a happy hound without the hassle and expense of going to a groomer. 

Fur Control 

Why use a dog brush for shedding when you can get the job done faster and better with an OmegaPet Deshedding Brush for Dogs? Boasting a non-slip gel handle, removable blade, and safety blade protector, this is no mere brush. It’s a well-engineered pet deshedding tool. For best results, start at your dog’s neck and then gently swipe through the fur. If your dog is prone to shedding, like my fuzzy Golden Retriever, you’ll be amazed at the massive fur ball that quickly accumulates. 

Fresh and Clean Coat 

My Rottweiler enjoys rolling around on whatever foul-smelling object happens to land in my backyard. If yours shares this penchant, or your cocker spaniel got left out in the rain and has that unpleasant wet-dog smell, or your German Shepherd suffers from itch-related hotspots, reach for OmegaPet’s calming, lightly scented Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. It creates a luxurious lather that removes dirt and odor, and is packed with oatmeal, a proven remedy for itchy skin. A little goes a long way in removing itchiness and stench — leaving your four-legged friend looking sleek and shiny. 

Sweet Kisses

 I love slobbery dog kisses but despise bad breath. Unfortunately, my dogs don’t love having their teeth brushed. Can you relate? OmegaPet's Pet Breath Freshener has a pet-pleasing water additive that fights plaque and tartar buildup between brushings. Customers say that a few drops added to the water bowl every time they change the water results in noticeably fresher pet breath. Some pets take a little time to get used to the minty scent but once they do, you’ll notice the difference!

Goodbye to Oops

Nobody’s perfect, and that applies to our pets, too. When they don’t quite make it to the wee-wee pad or have a potty accident due to an upset stomach, OmegaPet Pet Stain and Odor Remover really works! Simply spray on the stinky area and let the bioenzymes work their magic. Customers say that this product works on much more than pet stains and odors — it’s a miracle worker on kid vomit and potty-training messes, too!

Your fur babies deserve the best. Discover what thousands of highly satisfied Amazon customers are raving about: OmegaPet’s line of effective, affordable pet products. Our customer service team is always happy to answer questions and offer our 100% money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that you wish to return a produc