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5 Simple Tips to Remove Pet Potty Stains (and much more)

Imagine you just moved into the home of your dreams.  Granite countertops, elegant hardwood floors, and the upgraded carpet you had to literally bug your spouse for.  Then one day your nightmare comes true, your furry friend decides to relieve himself right on your hard-fought for plush masterpiece.

Urine stains on carpet can be frustrating to remove. As the urine soaks down into the fibers of the carpet, removal is more challenging than with fresh stains. Whether from a dog or cat, urine stains on carpet will not only leave an unsightly mark but also an unappealing odor. Removing old urine stains will freshen the look and smell of the carpet.

Not to fret, this age-old problem can now be easily solved.  Here are our best tips:

1 - Avoid using Vinegar.  Despite it’s popularity, Vinegar is one of the worst solution you can use on carpet stains. Vinegar has an acidic base similar to that of urine. Animals urinate in a spot based on instinct.

They are drawn to the same spot by smell. Because the acidic base of vinegar is so similar to that of urine, it can confuse your pet and draw them back to that spot. Even diluted, your pet can pick up the odor.

2 - Say No No to Baking Soda.  Baking soda can’t get into the padding to deodorize the odor and you may face damage from clumping

Further, baking soda rarely works on removing the odor from cat urine.

3 - Use a Bio-Enzymatic Solution.   An enzyme cleaner will actually eat the urine, helping to eliminate the stain and odor.  In many cases, bio-enzymatic cleaners provide immediate odor relief and are designed to work up to 80 hours after they are applied.  This type of solution is safer for pets, children, and the environment compared to traditional cleaning chemicals.

4 - Find a solution with the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Seal of Approval.  Nothing would hurt more than to damage a gorgeous carpet with a solution that’s not proven safe and may permanently damage your carpet.

5 - Before applying a solution, thoroughly rinse and blot-dry the area to remove any soap residue, which may interfere with the enzyme cleaning process.

Bonus - Other than odor control, some popular uses of bio-enzymatic cleaners are for washroom cleaning, food prep/kitchen area cleaning, and even removing stains from clothing.

There you have it!  Just apply these simple tips the next time your furry friend makes a mess and you’ll be all set!

OmegaPet’s Pet Urine & Stain Remover is a breakthrough bio enzymatic cleaning formula designed to safely and quickly eliminate stains spots, and odors from household carpet, fabric, and surfaces (including hardwood).  When applied to urine and related stains, it acts quickly and naturally to eliminate the odor, giving you a clean fresh smelling home, preventing pet attraction to the area.

Using the solution is as easy as 1-2-3. 

  1. Remove any excess urine by blotting the area with a towel
  2. Apply a generous amount to the affected area and let it sit for 10 minutes before blotting the area
  3. Once dried, vacuum the affected area 

OmegaPet’s Carpet Cleaner has received rave reviews from our customers:

“The spray smells natural, is easy to apply with a sponge, and dries in under ten minutes. I highly recommend this awesome spray fpr pet stains, to clean out cages, and to fix pet markings too”

Janet is a Tampa-based pet parent of 6 and had this to say after trying the product: “so far this has been fantastic…So far, this has stopped her from peeing in the same place twice!!!  I am a believer, and will continue to use this product to get rid of the stains and odors!!!”

Try our Pet Stain and Odor Remover today!

Your house will thank you!