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Love Your Pet, Not Their Shedding?

Everyone knows a home isn't complete without at least one tail-wagging four-legged friend. Your canine companion probably amazes you with his ability to lift your spirits, learn commands and convince even the most rule-following human in the house that yes, occasionally he does deserve a spot on the sofa.

Like children, dogs are delightful.



They can also be messy.

Grooming Is Good for Your Family

Depending on what breed your dog is, your pet fur problems are either a minor annoyance or a major stressor. Like humans, dogs shed hair on a daily basis. The difference is that almost 100 percent of a dogís skin is covered in thick hair. Their shedding is far more noticeable.

Regular grooming will dramatically reduce the pet hair in your home and airborne allergy-causing dander. If you hate to vacuum, add dog grooming to your repertoire.

Grooming Is Good for Your Pet

Besides keeping your home clean, grooming is beneficial to your pet. It forces you to spend quality one-on-one time bonding with your fur baby dogs live for that! It also provides an opportunity for you to detect any health issues that may need attention.

Your dog can't tell you if he's got a bothersome bump, fleas, a hidden hot spot or even a tumor. Grooming requires you to get close to your pet, which can alert you to issues.

Additionally, grooming will keep your dog's coat shiny by stimulating the skin's production of hydrating oils. It also prevents matting, which can lead to skin infections.

Don't Brush; Deshed Instead!

Now that you understand the importance of regular dog grooming, don't waste time with a pet brush at all. OmegaPet's Deshedding Tool for Dogs reduces shedding by as much as 91 percent. Not only is it less expensive than the FURminator, it's more effective and easier to use. It comes with a 4-inch adjustable stainless steel edge that penetrates dogs' topcoats to grab and remove hair from their undercoats.

The OmegaPet tool is ideal for use on large and small dogs and features a FUReject button so you can quickly and easily expel shed from the blade and keep grooming without missing a beat. You'll be amazed how quickly you build up a fuzzy pile of fur and thrilled to know it will end up in the trash rather than on your furniture.

The more you use it, the less time each grooming session will take.

Like all OmegaPet products, the deshedding tool is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee you and your pet will give it two enthusiastic thumbs and paws up!