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Dog Shedding Brush, Deshedding Tool for Dogs that Shed - Dog Hair Tumbleweed Tamer!

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This dog brush for shedding was designed by professional groomers to reduce your dog's shedding by up to 90%, making it one of the best dog brushes on the market! 

The ergonomically designed handle and EasyEject button allow for effortless grooming because it's easy to hold, clean, and use on your pet. 

The 4-inch adjustable blade on this dog shedding brush means this tool is easy to use on pets of any size - small or large.

Grooming is quick and pain-free - for both you and your pooch! Place an order for your dog shedding brush in our online store today. 


    Q: How often do the blades of the Deshedding Brush need replaced?
    A: No need to replace blades, we offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

    Q: Will this brush work on long-haired dogs?
    A: Yes, it works well for both long-haired and short-haired dogs.

    Q: How can I adjust the blade?
    A: There is a black button located on the handle of the deshedding tool that will extend the blade once pushed. This will give you, as the owner, 2 different blade lengths to use on your fur baby.

    Q: How do you clean the brush?
    A: A self-cleaning button ejects pet hair from the Deshedding Tool's stainless-steel teeth, speeding up the overall grooming process.

    Use only on a completely dry coat. Starting from the head, brush the Deshedding Brush down your pet's back, working in the direction of hair growth. Continue until the entire coat has been groomed. When the brush is full of hair, use the EasyEject button to dispose of the hair and continue grooming.

    Take extra care on the stomach and other sensitive areas and do not apply too much pressure. If your pet has any skin irritation or scrapes, we recommend waiting until those are cleared up before using our Deshedding Brush.

    Don't forget to reward with a treat!