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Dog Calming Aid for Dog Anxiety Relief by OmegaPet

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Dog Calming Aid for Dog Anxiety Relief by OmegaPet

HARNESS THE POWER OF NATURAL AROMATHERAPY FOR A HAPPY DOG! Our natural and premium essential oil and herb formula contains lavender, geranium, and chamomile that will effectively help your adorable dog or cat feel calm, happy, and less anxious. Which means a happier, healthier, and a more well-behaved pet for you to enjoy. A happy pet means a happy owner!

HELPS REPELS PESKY INSECTS & INFECTIONS… Did you know our premium essential oil formula contains Egyptian Geranium Oil that is an antimicrobial and anti fungal agent? Which means your dog or cat won’t have annoying fleas and flies bothering them. Plus, it will reduce the likelihood of infection by ringworm, lice, and other dermatological pests. Who wouldn’t want that for their sweet pet, right?

DID YOU KNOW THAT DOGS & CATS CAN HAVE ANXIETY & DEPRESSION? The research of animal having emotions is truly astounding. It’s remarkable to know that animals have real emotions and feelings, just like we do. With the power of aromatherapy, the lavender essential oil in our formula works to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression so your adorable dog can enjoy their life to the fullest.

ALL-NATURAL. SAFE. EFFECTIVE. Those are the three most important words in our company. Our all-natural, plant-based formula is safe and effective for your precious pet. The numerous benefits of our pet calming drops are truly astounding! The homeopathic formula helps with hormone balance, sleep and relaxation, improved mood, healthier skin and fur, and even reduces pain and inflammation!
🏅ENOY OUR “THRIVING PET IN 30 DAYS GUARANTEE!” Your pet’s health and happiness is our #1 goal! We guarantee you see an improvement in your dog & cat’s health and behavior within 30 days of consistent use, or we offer you a full money back refund. You can feel completely confident clicking the yellow “Add To Cart” Button Today so that you enjoy the difference in your pet for yourself!