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HempGold - Hemp Oil for Dogs Anxiety and Calming

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✅Wouldn’t you love for your pet to be running and happy again with no pain, have the energy and mobility of younger dogs, and ease separation anxiety? Then you’ll love how HempGold leverages the power of nature to quickly deliver these results faster than you ever possible

✅ORGANIC ARTHRITIS + ANXIETY REMEDY: While we can’t claim HempGold instantly zaps arthritis or anxiety (because no product can make that claim) we can point to hundreds of success stories and testimonials mentioning results such as reduced seizures, no more separation anxiety and pets enjoying long walks again

✅BUYER BEWARE: While the other guys claim to offer high quality products, you’ll want to fact check because to date only HempGold is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation, and is one of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO and organic pet formulas in the world

Use directly in pets mouth or food.  For pets under 25 lbs use 1 dropper twice daily.  For pets over 25 lbs use 2 droppers twice daily 


Customer Reviews

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scared of thunder

This helped my dog calm down within about 20 minutes.

Might need to adjust dosage based on dog behavior as well as weight.

Used this for my dog's anxiety and hyperactivity. Had a bit of trial and error to get the dose that calmed him without making him lethargic.
Recommend using marks on the dropper

It works!!

My Cavalier King Charles has Syringmgelia (fluid on brain, scoliosis, arthritis). She has been having a tough time with steps and overall mobility. I started her on hemp oil in April and was really amazed after a week or two how well she was moving around. You can tell by looking at her that she’s not in as much pain/discomfort. Now after a few months of daily hemp oil (10 drops 2x a day) she is actually able to run a bit and is more active. I would highly recommend.

Happy dog

Very helpful for our bichon twice a day

Peace and tranquility for Seizure..or pain.. Useful for Dogs and Cats!

Good Quality. Non GMO Organic. Apply to dry dog food...or wet food. Half dropper full 2 x Daily for my 60 lb dog who has Seizures.
You can spread out three times a day---- Even a Pill Pocket can be filled (holds about 1/3 dropper) (Though more costly with treats!)
Bottom Line It helps with his anxiety. Fireworks...thunder..stressfull events. As well as Vitamins and Amino Acids.
Good for Cats too....in much smaller doses. But helps to bring pets RELIEF and back to "normal"
P.S. Footnote on Siezures!
Dogs need to be COOL during their episodes...and they get dehydrated.
I also add an Electrolytes to the food twice a week .(Makes them drink more water) And brings their body back into balance.
Plus coconut oil...two tablespoons (start out smaller dose ---increase over week) Good for their Brains!
And this Supplement