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Bright Eyes Tear Stain Remover, Pet Eye Stain Removers for Tear Stains

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Our all-natural Tear Stain Remover is designed to quickly remove tear stains from the fur around your pet's eyes, leaving them clean and happy. Cruelty-free and fragrance-free, this palm-oil and coconut-oil based dog tear stain removal solution is safe for even the most sensitive pets. 

Grooming is quick and pain-free - for both you and your pooch! Your satisfaction is guaranteed so place an order for our tear stain remover for dogs and cats in our online store today. 

    Q: How do you apply the Tear Stain Remover?
    A: Put the solution on a cotton pad and wipe around the eyes.

    Q: My pet’s eyes are really sensitive - is this safe to use?
    A: Yes - this product is all-natural and devoid of any harmful chemicals or toxins that may be harmful or irritate your pet. EVERY ingredient in this formulation is derived from a natural source.

    Q: Do you wipe or rinse eyes after applying?
    A: No need to wipe the eyes.

    Q: Where is the product made?
    A: It is manufactured in an FDA-approved factory in St. Louis, MO. This facility specializes in the production of all-natural and eco-friendly products.

    Q: What are the ingredients?
    A: This all natural tear stain remover includes coconut-based ingredients & palm-based oils. The active ingredients are: water, glycerin oil, sugars from coconuts, palm plant oils. Contains NO Sodium Laurel Sulphate, NO Alcohol and NO Toxic Chemicals.

    Apply to a cotton swab or gauze pad. Gently rub the stained area. Use a different swab or pad for each eye. Repeat daily or as needed. Don’t forget to reward with a treat!

    NOTE: This product is not an eye wash. For external use only.